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Field Trips

Visit the Columbus Botanical Garden and let your students “learn naturally” in a fun interactive outdoor setting! The Garden offers both guided and self-guided programs giving your students the opportunity to discover all that nature has to offer!


Field Trips

Come and learn about YOUR Columbus Botanical Garden! The garden is ever changing and there are new plants and animals to discover in every season. Each field trip to the garden will include lessons on the history of the garden and the plants, animals and natural processes that make the unique and beautiful garden that you get to explore! Lessons are tailored around the time of year you attend, and the topics can include: pollinators/pollination, winter blooming flowers, herbs, vegetables, bee keeping, native plants, trees, bird migration, carnivorous plants and MORE! 

Want to book a field trip to the garden? Please read our Field Trip Policy and fill out the Field Trip Request Form. Once completed, you will be contacted by our Environmental Education Coordinator to complete the booking process. Field trip bookings will not be confirmed until payment and a signed field trip policy form have been received. Once received, you will get a booking confirmation email. 

Check back in August for Fall Field Trips!

Self-guided Adventure Activities

Have a green time exploring the Joann Holt Walking Trail and gardens!

Our self-guided adventure activities are designed to connect children with nature while having a fun outdoor learning experience. Whether you have a curriculum to follow or just want your students to have a fun garden experience, a self-guided activity is a great, interactive way to explore the gardens and trail!

Please contact for printed materials. 

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