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Art of Nature

Celebrating Diverse Plants and People Through Art

Art and Nature are intertwined in the Columbus Botanical Garden's art exhibition, coming next year. 

If you are an artist intending on entering, please click the button at the bottom of the page for information. 

From Friday, May 10 – Sunday, August 25, 2024, Columbus Botanical Garden will feature an outdoor exhibition of art inspired by nature. The Art of Nature is a collaborative community art experience, combining the efforts of ten regional artists and thousands of Garden visitors to transform the Garden into a living tapestry of natural art.

Art of Nature will feature ten large-scale, site-specific art installations using nature as medium. The art installations will be comprised of materials found in the natural environment, in their natural state or minimally processed. Examples include live plants, fallen trees, limbs, vines, dried grasses, soil, sand, rock, water, metal ore, cotton, linen, silk, and handmade paper. Ideally, the installations will be multi-sensory, inviting guests to interact safely with the installation, each other, and/or the surrounding landscape. Artists will be selected through a competitive process to exhibit in predetermined locations within the Gardens cultivated landscape. In addition to the featured art installations, the Garden will coordinate pop-up ephemeral art created by partner organizations, staff, and volunteers. Creation Stations, also coordinated by the Garden, will allow self-guided opportunities for visitor-generated, nature-based art in designated areas of the Garden.

Artists funding provided the Columbus Cultural Arts Alliance.

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